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Icon Bogomater TolgskayaIn 1314 the Yaroslavl bishop Prokhor visited all lands of his Yaroslavl eparchy. He stayed at night at the place in 7 versts from Yaroslavl. In midnight the bishop was awaken and amazed by miracle- fire light, at the place where the Tolga river flew into Volga and approaching bridge to him from that place. The bishop prayed and crossed the river by this miraculous bridge. On the opposite side of the river the bishop saw the icon of the Virgin with Baby, which was out of reach. After praying the bishop came back to his marquee. Next day he couldn-t find his crozier and then remembered that he left it on the place where he saw icon. The bishops- people found his crozier and the icon of the Blessed Virgin on it.
This icon was brought to Yaroslavl and soon everybody in the city knew about it. The new church was erected on the place where the icon was found. On September, 16 1392 during the matins chrism dropped from icon of the Blessed Virgin-s right hand. Since then the icon became wonder-working. In 1553 Tsar Ivan the Terrible stayed in the monastery and was healed from the disease. A lot of facts of miraculous healings were described in the monastery-s chronicles. In 1654 the icon saved Yaroslavl people from drought. After the icon was carried around the city the heavy rain started. The icon was used annually during the religious procession in the Yaroslavl eparchy.

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