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Russian State Academic Theatre of Fyodor Volkov
web-site (in Russian)
Location: Volkov area, 1
phone: +7 (4852) 30-91-88

In 1749 the first Russian academic theatre, called after its creator F. Volkov appeared in Yaroslavl. The Yaroslavl Theatre, which bears Fyodor Volkov's name, was considered one of the best provincial theatres even before the revolution. Giants of theatrical art appeared on its stage, among them P.A.Strepetova, M.S.Shchepkin, I.M.Moskvin, M.N.Yermolova, K.S.Stanislavsky and V.I.Kachalov.

Yaroslavl young people's theatre
(in Russian)
Location: Svoboda st, 23
phone: + 7 (4852) 30-86-83

The Yaroslavl young people's theatre was opened in 1983 and became one of the most favorite Yaroslavl theatres at once. The repertoire of the theatre is very various. The brilliant performances given there are not only for children, but also for teenagers and adults

Educational theatre of the Yaroslavl theatrical institute.
Location: Pervomajskaya street,43
phone: +7 (4852) 30-78-07, 72-81-11

The educational theatre has existed in Yaroslavl for forty years. Certainly, there is no constant troupe here, and the repertoire is completely updated almost each year. In spite of it very vivid perfomances are given there.

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