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Spasso-Preobrazhensky MonasterySpasso-Preobrazhensky Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the upper Volga. It was founded in the second half of the XII century. More>>>>>

The Church of Elijah the Prophet
The Church of Elijah the Prophet is a notable monument of the Russian Art culture of the 17th century that has played a significant role in the development of Yaroslavl architectural and painting school. More>>>>>

Church of Nativity of ChrisChurch of Nativity of Christ was built in 1636-1644 with the funds provided by the family of Yaroslavl merchants Nazaryev-Guryevs. It is located in Kedrov street near the Volga Embankment.

Church of the Apparition of Christ Church of the Apparition of Christ (1684-1693) has the appearance in many ways different from other monuments of Yaroslavl architecture of the XVII century. Following the principles of Moscow architecture school the builder of this church abandoned the traditional Yaroslavl construction with four piers in the favour of pierless church covered by joined vault.

Church ensemble in Korovniki SlobodaChurch ensemble in Korovniki Sloboda is a wonderful ensemble of Yaroslavl architecture of the late XVII century. The ensemble includes two churches - the main church of St John Chrysostom (1649-1654) next to it the church of Virgin of Vladimir (1669).
More >>>>>

Church of St John Baptist in Tolchkovo Sloboda. The church was built in 1671-1687. Huge in size and fantastic in its silhouette of fifteen domes the church of St John Baptist is astonishing by splendour of decoration and skill of performing it.
More >>>>>

St Blase's (Virgin Blacherniotissa's) (Znamenskaya) Fortress Tower
Originally it had a wooden tent-shaped roof with watch- tower and alarm bell. On the west side a rectangular tower (an additional fortification from the outside) was attached to the main tower.
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Cathedral in the Kazansky Monastery (1835-1845) - the monastery was founded in the early XVII century in honour of the victory over Poland- Lithuania intervention. More >>>>>

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