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Russian princessClothing of Russian princess in the Middle Ages (until the Westernization of Russia by Peter the Great during the early 1700s). Historically, aristocracy clothes was similar to clothes of ordinary people. The difference between aristocracy and people clothing was in quality of fabric and accessories. Brocade, gold and silver embroidery, pearl accessories was general for the Russian court. The garments of the Russian girl clothing: kokoshnik (girl's hat), sarafan (gown) with wristbands and necklet, choboty (boots).





Russian girl's hat. Decorated with pearls, silk tiers, delicate lace. It was generally for married women to hide her hair, but girls wore open hairdress. Kokoshnik originated from Russian word Kokuy - Ivan Kupala holiday, so it was a holiday hat.

Russian woman dress. Brocade gown with gold and silver embroidery. Sometimes sleeves to sew in the sarafan. More expensive parts of sarafan are wristbands and necklet.

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