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In the beginning of spring we have holiday in Russia. Its not official one. It is called Maslenitsa (Pancake week, in Russian blini). It is the only purely Russian Holiday that dates back to the pagan times. On this week churches jingles with bells. The people are letting the long-annoying winter out and the long-awaited spring in. The essential element, of course, is blini (pancakes). Blin is the symbol of sun. It is as round, gold and warm as the sun. The last day of Maslenitsa is called Forgiveness Day. All ask one another for forgiveness in order to redeem themselves from their sins before the Great Lent. They bow to one another and are said, God will forgive you. The Blini week is over and so is the winter giving way to the spring.


Autumn. Yaroslavl.

  Yaroslavl's girls  Rotunda. Volga's embankment.
Yaroslavl street  roller skates
Oak-wood  Yaroslavl
lights ancient glazed tile girls

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